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My name is Tristan. My parents taught me to work hard and try to find something I love doing. I love helping people and mowing lawns is something I enjoy so I thought I would combine the two to start my first business. My brother and sisters are excited for me to launch a business and maybe they will help out too – but right now, I promise a MOWTASTIC MOWING experience for you!

Honest. Hardworking. Affordable.

What I Do For You:


Mow Your Lawn

I make sure your lawn is mowed right the first time. If you're too busy or simply don't want to - I got you covered! You won't have to lift a finger to make your lawn look MOWTASTIC.


Make Sure You're Happy With Your Lawn

I'll make sure you're happy and content with the way your lawn looks. You're sure to say it looks MOWTASTIC.


Come Back Next Week!

You will be so satisfied with your lawn you'll have me coming back the following week to keep it looking MOWTASTIC.

How It Works

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